"Jessica is wonderful. She made me feel comfortable and made me look good! What more can you ask from a photographer?"   - Jon Gunn, Screenwriter/Director.

"My manager loves them! Just wanted to let you know....here is a direct quote 'These are great, Bry.  A huge improvement for pilot season!'"   - Bryan Krasner, Actor.

"Hi Jessica. I just had to thank you for the awesome work you are doing for my clients. One of my clients who had not gone out commercially in months,  just had 3 big commercial auditions this week after putting up the new shots he did with you. On top of that, I was able to get him into a particularly stingy office for a Guest Star role (and he only has co-star credits) with one of his new shots! Thank you for supplying me with the tools necessary to get my clients out there! I will be sending lots more your way for sure!" - Nicole Mincks, Mincks Talent Management.

"I have been meaning to tell you that my new headshots are working like gangbusters! Seriously...I'm going out so much more and it's awesome. Also, my agents all love them and have started recommending you to clients who ask about headshot photographers!!! You're amazing!!!" - Libby Baker, Actor.

 "I have been meaning to reach out because I wanted you to know HOW MUCH WORK your headshots have brought in for me. The commercial shot my agent uses all the time has got(ten) me into so many offices and despite the fact that it's now three years old! It's still working for me!"Lisa Dobbyn, Actor. 

"The shots are amazing! I'm very happy with them, and excited to get the, up on all my casting sites. Thank you SO MUCH for shooting me - you're super talented and helpful and unique." - Dayna Cousins, Actor.

"I received the three batches of photos you sent of Jason - they look very nice!!! I am quite moved by the personality you capture in your work. The images demonstrate that you have a wonderful ability to put subjects at ease and make them comfortable in what for most people is a stressful situation. Your talent is so clear to see in these images."  - Rob Mellis, Construction Marketing, Inc.

"Hi, Jessica, I have had a chance to run through the images and am just so very pleased and impressed with the quality and thoughtfulness of them.  The framing, the contextualizing and the thoroughness of capturing my mom’s 80th celebration in such a manner as you did means so much to me.  We are excited to share many of these with the individuals within them and of course with my mom.  I felt as though I was able to relive and appreciate our event from so many more vantage points because of your images.  Perfect coverage and creative shot making and I am just so happy to have the pleasure of working with you for such an important occasion in our lives. Thank you."  - Peter V., (Event Photography client).

"Looked through the pictures last night,  they are all fabulous!!! The one you edited is perfect, I have sent it on to our corporate folks and it blew them away so mission accomplished! Thanks so much for your time and effort. You made this all super easy!"  - O. G., Director of Human Resources.

"You are incredible and we appreciate everything you did today - from your photography, obviously, but also including your guidance and energy, and you have a major COOL factor! " - Judy Marchev-Fox.

"Yay! This shoot made us so happy. We love every photo!" - Angela & Mike Lanahan (Mother's Day Family Beach Portrait Series).

"Hey Jessica! Just wanna let you know I got an agent in Los Angeles from your photos we did in May. I get many compliments. Thank you again! " - Robert Cornealison, Actor.

"You are Amazing Jessica! I have never seen my self like that in pictures. Love the shots." - Paul Umbriaco, Actor/ Owner: Liberty Motorwear.

"Hi Jessica. Just wanted to let you know... First audition with my new headshot landed me a 5 min role in (a big studio feature - NDA). I just wanted to share that with you because of your great work and my right timing. Also because you're more of a friend/mentor than an acquaintance. Attached is a pic of my first day on the shoot and look who I came across." - Neil Soni, Actor.

"Jiminy Cricket - these are literally the best photos taken of ME - EVER.  I don't know how you chose from them. There are more winners then I've ever seen in a proof sheet!" - Maggie Storm, Photographer.

"My agent loved the pictures and picked 9!" ... "I just want to say thank you again, Jessica. I am so happy with the results of our shoot. I'm having 8x10's made and love them even more! You are a talented photographer and I am so grateful to have found you." -  Mary Carrig, Actor.

"Jessica! I got my first commercial audition through your headshot! Thank you!" - Abbey Howe, Actor.

"All I can say is OH MY GOD!!!  I'm looking through the photos now - YOU SUPERSTAR!! I had no idea there were so many looks WITHIN so many looks here!! I'm shocked!! There is so much range here I can't get over it. I can't believe how amazing these are! I absolutely LOVE THEM!!  This is BEYOND anything that I could have hoped for and even more fantastic than I thought they'd turn out! Jessica, this is such a huge win - I'm delighted - you captured my essence, demonstrated my range and best of all, I'm confident that these shots will get me SEEN!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you. I'm in awe. I'm over the moon! YOU ROCK!!"  - Lisa Hubbard, Actor.

UPDATE 6/2016: 

"Hi Jessica!! I'd been meaning to reach out because I wanted you to know HOW MUCH WORK your headshots have brought in for me. The commercial shot my agent uses all the time has got me in to so many offices and despite the fact that it's now almost three years old (!!) it's still working for me! Once I get back from NY in August, I'd love to come in and shoot with you again. In the meantime, I just wanted you to know how much mileage I got out of our shoot all those years ago! Big love - talk to you soon!! Lisa xoxo"   - Lisa Hubbard, Actor.

- Kimberly Atkinson, Actor. 8-18-2015.

- Kimberly Atkinson, Actor. 8-18-2015.

"These are so good it's f***** UP! I want to email every person who's ever seen any of my old headshots and show them these ones. This is it! This is me to a Tee!  I have never been more satisfied with looking at myself ever in my life. I hated picture of myself, I really did, I hated photo shoots and modeling opportunities. After modeling and acting for 7 years I have never... SERIOUSLY...Never been more satisfied. The pictures look like me. They look just like me and that's all I have ever wanted. You made me feel so comfortable during the shoot, I felt like I could do anything. I forgot that the camera was there. Really in reality it was 2 girls making art. Beautiful Art. " - Bri Giger, Actor.

Bri: "Yo, Jess -- no joke! Noho Copy just told me that my pictures are the best he's ever seen!"
Me: "Yaaahoooo! Which one did you print??"
Bri: "ALL of them!"
Me: "WOW!"

Actual cell phone snapshot accompanying above text conversation initiated by client Bri Giger.

Actual cell phone snapshot accompanying above text conversation initiated by client Bri Giger.

"The really impressive thing about Jessica was the way she asked all the right questions to make sure that she understood every angle possible about the assignment. She realized (before I did) that this wasn't a one dimensional, single head shot job with a narrow solution. She delivered a set of very creative and top-quality photos on time, giving my editor and me several better options than we had considered. I'm thrilled with the results, to say the very least." - Bob Bishop, Publicist.

"I hired Jessica to help me shoot the front cover and interior photos of a new knitting book that I'm publishing. From the very beginning, Jessica impressed me with her creative ideas for how we could set up the photo shoot. One of the most helpful things she did was connect me with three different models that I ended up using for the photo shoot – I didn't have to go through a modeling agency! The models that she helped me hire were fantastic, and Jessica's photography is phenomenal. She really captured the look of the knitwear that is featured in the book, while at the same time making the models to look beautiful and engaging. Jessica's prices are incredibly reasonable– with any other photographer I would have to pay $75 per photo at least. Jessica gave me a flat rate quote that included all the pictures that she took, which is absolutely priceless. I'm looking forward to hiring Jessica for any and all other future photography that I will need for my knitting website. I absolutely adore her, and I'm so grateful that I found her." - Liat Gat, Knitter/Author.

"Hey Jess! I just wanted to share with you that everyone is LOVING the photo’s! My acting teacher was saying that you’re a damn good photographer and that you really were able to capture the essence of me as well as different character types I could play. I posted your business card on the bulletin board and someone already took one so I hope to be sending people your way!" - Shelley Francisco, Actor. - UPDATE (6.30.15): "Hey Jess. It's Shelley. I just wanted to personally thank you. I got an agent today, thanks to your headshots! I gave him a couple of your business cards, and he said these are probably some of the best headshots he's seen in a while... '10 out of 10'. So thank you so much!" - Shelley Francisco.

"Just booked the first gig since I shot new headshots with you!!" - Megumi Kabe, Actor.

"Jessica is a true professional, with an outstanding ability to capture an image while drawing the best performance from her subject. Her passion for her craft can be seen in every photograph. Her meticulous attention toward lighting, hair, make-up and overall composition of the photograph makes each shot a masterpiece. We used Jessica for our daughter’s headshot photo-shoot. It was our daughter’s first experience in front of a professional lens and Jessica delivered. She made it a pleasant experience, with amazing results. She has our highest recommendation." - Matt Gaven,  Producer.

"I've booked two jobs in the last month just from my new headshots with you!" - Sydney Ashe, Actor. 

"Working with Jessica was a great experience from the beginning of the communication to helping with the planning of the needs and through the event and the completion of the work - which all resulted in a very epic beautifully photographed evening! Jessica is the BEST and her work and professionalism was at the highest caliber! Thanks for helping make my 50th Birthday an event to always remember! " - Eric Crooks, Event Client.

"Hi, Jessica! I received the flash drive! They look AWESOME! Thanks for going through and picking the best ones! I really appreciate everything and the time you spent going through it all! So excited!" - Derek Anthony, Actor.

"Hey! 'Got my first audition with the new pics! The black t-shirt and glasses got me an audition with Henderson-Velez/Dream Big Casting..." "...Hi! Just wanted to let you know I've also had 3 auditions since-- more than I had in the prior 6 months combined! Clearly, the new shots are working!" - TJ O'Brien, Actor. 

"Hi, Jessica! thanks a million for these photos! They are great. Easily the best family shots we have had done." - Zach Shannon, Newborn/Family Photo Client.  

"Jessica has an uncanny knack of seeing past your physical features, and into your inner being...then gently coaxing it out through humor, honesty and patience. This, coupled with her ability to understand your best angles and most flattering light, makes for some breath-taking pictures. But most importantly of all, in an increasingly impersonal world, Jessica maintains a genuine connection with you throughout the entire process, making you feel every second of the way, that she cares as much as you do about getting you the best results."    - Katharine McEwan, Actor. 

"I don't mean to sound like a broken record, but... again... thank you for everything you did for me and making me look so awesome. I knew I made the right choice as soon as I first spoke with you on the phone!"  (6/1/13: "Already booked 3 projects so far from the shots you took.  Hell yeah!") - Christopher Yu, Actor/Stuntman.  

"It's such a pain in the ass when there are soooo many incredible shots to choose from. I started off trying to mark down my favorites, and with every single one, I'm going 'yes...yes...yes..YES!' These are amazing!"   - Curt Bonnem, Actor

"Words cannot even describe how impressed I was with my shoot with Jessica! From the moment I arrived to her studio, I immediately felt at home. She goes out of her way to make you feel comfortable, so that you are able to get the absolute BEST out of your experience. My manager and agent had a very specific look they were going for with me and Jessica captured it PERFECTLY! I have never seen my team so excited about a photo shoot. I had a HUGE flow of auditions come in after my shoot with her and even booked a film !She has a knack for really capturing people's essence. BOOK A SHOOT WITH HER!! You will not be disappointed. I will seriously never shoot with anyone else ever again. I found my match :) Love you Jessica!" - Jamila Allen, Actor.

"Hey, Jessica! I just wanted to update you that I just signed with my first agent! Matter of fact, it's with whom you encouraged me to look into, and I did it!  PS: She loved my headshots you shot and helped me pick!" - Christene Dino, Actress/Vocalist

"Fantastic session! It was so difficult trying to narrow it down because of the versatility of these shots.  My agent has been notorious for rejecting most headshots that I've sent him in the past, but this time it was like he had a buffet (or smorgasbord) to choose from.  I finally know what it's like to get called in for roles that I'm right for!"  - Byron de Marsé, Actor.

 "You know, I found you on LA Casting and clicked on every picture. I chose you because of the range I saw. And of course, after we spoke, I knew you were the right photographer for me. And, wow! Awesome shots! You have a great eye. The "executive " shot is clean, crisp and makes me look approachable. The white shot was expertly done.  The shirt has detail (not blown-out) which, as you know is hard to achieve with white. Very strong and different looks. You did a great job!! Thanks!" - Emanuel Stewart, Actor/Photographer.

"I think this is gonna be a start of a very long professional relationship. I don't wanna be shot by anyone else . My God .... I seriously had no idea that I could look like this! Thanks Jessica , what a blessing you are!"    - Adrian Pereira, Actor.

"Jessica! I just wanted to let you know that in the past...almost 3 weeks since I've had my new pictures on my account...  I've had 5 commercial appointments from the smiley-mother picture alone in the past two weeks! I kid you not! It is AMAZING. It's testimony that obviously your headshot CAN be your calling card. I just wanted to let you know, because I am super grateful for all these opportunities!! I know it all comes down to your look, and you captured mine! So thank you, THANK you!"   - Christine Joelle, Actor.

"Jessica's ability with the camera is smooth and captures who you really are!  She has the great skill of bringing your personality through the lens and giving you a variety of looks that perhaps you weren't sure you were capable of giving.  She carefully takes the time to see the natural lighting not only highlights your features, but brings your eyes into crisp, sharp focus and effortlessly knows what colors and backgrounds best show you off.  I've called on Jessica's services before for touch-ups so it's really no surprise that her ability behind the camera delivers the same high quality service that she prides herself in delivering.  Her ability to capture the right moment makes you feel relaxed and at ease and her attention to detail is uncanny."    - Shawn Savage, Actor.

"Jessica is an amazing fabulous talented photographer... I am so happy with my head shots. She captured so many different parts of meI am so grateful for the wonderful work! I love her!!"    - Joanna Sanchez, Actor/Producer.  

"This was a great shoot.  I have never worked with such a talented and personable photographer. Her assistant John was great too.  Thank you both! I look forward to the agent and work I will have the opportunity to land with these shots."    - Walter Teper, Actor.

"Jessica is a dream photographer. Her passion, expertise, creativity and attention to detail are what enable the actor to let go, do their thing and have their true essence captured, literally, in the best light. I'm over the moon about my headshots and very grateful for Jessica's excellence and heartfelt talent." - Dianne Curwick, Actor.

"I have had my head shots taken dozens of times over the years.  I've had some taken on the cheap and have paid top dollar.  And every experience was the same - I hoped for just a couple of shots that I could use and I would eventually settle on one or two that most people liked.  So this time I put a shout out online for head shot referrals and asked over 400 actors to respond only if they absolutely LOVED their head shots.  I wasn't surprised to see so few responses.  Having a head shot that you can be proud of, that is you as you walk in the door and that you can hand to anyone in the business with confidence is very rare and what we all hope for when getting them done.  Because of Jessica, for the first time in my career I LOVE my head shots and can't wait to show them to everyone.  Thank You, Jessica - these are the best shots ever taken of me and I am so grateful that I finally have head shots that I'm proud of!"    - Eric Giancoli, Actor.

"Jessica, These are all so great, including the Dr. - How official I look! Wow it's perfect. You're a creative genius. Believe me I'll come to you in the future if I ever need new head-shots. Hope you'll always be my Go-To Girl! Love you and your work, and your generosity of spirit."    - Suzan Solomon, Actor.